Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sequins Are A Tough Act To Follow

And I say that only because it feels so true. I wrote about sequins in a very recent post and I’m enjoying their picture right at this very moment! Oh, the drama and dazzling allure of them! Please scroll down and read about them.

My Guardian Angel Deserves Overtime Pay

Why? Because, after all the near-misses over the course of my childhood and adult life, I still have occasional need of his rescue and safe-keeping.

Very recently, I had one of the flu formats that is going around and mine was heavily punctuated by asthma. Anyone who has experienced asthma knows it is a very mean-spirited malady that visits whenever it has the chance. That it is "the bane of all good singers" was explained to me years ago (of course, making it a blessing as well as a curse)! Uh-huh, right.

During this respiratory onslaught, my angel’s first feat was keeping me alive during the initial night of airways constriction. Fast-forward about $800 and two weeks ... and I was feeling so-o-o much better! I decided to take myself out for a little celebration luncheon – nothing fancy, just something to mark the occasion of my being well again. I went to the nearby Shoney’s, ate, exchanged some pleasant conversation with the server and other staff, paid my tab, and walked out into the afternoon. It was an off-peak time of day for restaurants, so all of the parking spots along the front of the building were empty.

I stepped off the curb and started walking the 20 or so feet to my truck. Seconds later, I saw a car hurtle into the far end of the parking lot and zoom toward me. You guessed it – it aimed directly at me and the parking space I happened to be traversing. It really is fortunate that I saw the car approaching, as the driver never slowed or attempted to avoid hitting me; rather, he came to an abrupt halt just as his car was about to go over the curb and into the front door of the restaurant. Meanwhile, I’d jumped several feet to the side and sort of did a momentary reality check to be sure I’d made it. In those seconds, an assortment of reactions rushed through my mind – including anger, emotional hurt, and some healthy cautionary feelings that told me to keep my silence, as the driver emerged from his car and strutted toward the door. In the space of those few seconds (that seemed to be playing in slow motion), I realized that the most appropriate emotion I should be feeling was appreciation of the fact that I was unhurt.

So I’m quite serious when I commend my ever-vigilant guardian angel (which is why I wrote the song "An Angel At My Shoulder" a few years ago). I’m reminded, anew, how precious is the (literal) breath of life.

Those Anticipated Tax Rebates...

Personally, I think this plan will contribute to our burgeoning Bush national debt and not do much to spike the economy via people's spending, but many people are now painted into a financial crunch corner; these few dollars coming their way will be of some help to them for the moment, so bring it on! Because the economy is down-turned and has noticeably worsened during the past year, individuals and small businesses are having a really rough time staying afloat. Dear reader, if you're not at the top of the corporate food chain, you're already well aware of that. So this particular post of mine is probably more of a journal entry ... you know, the type of thing a person writes when venting about a topic beyond his/her control.

National Health Care System

We need it – we need it – we need it!
Please vote with health-care in mind.

What Is Love?

What is love? What a loaded and electrifying question!

"What Is Love?" happens to be the title of an enjoyable, enlightening book I got at Carpe Librum this past Spring when Bill and I played music there. The sub-title is "A Simple Guide To Romantic Happiness". The book’s author is Taro Gold. He’s written a number of other books, as well. I just visited his website at for the first time. It is awesome. In particular, his February 7th update is soul-touching. Taro appears to be a very young man. So how he can already be so wise about such a mind-boggling topic as love is amazing. He is telling me, in his book, things I’ve tried to figure out myself, maybe have figured out myself, but needed someone else to articulate or validate for me. The book approaches the topic from a Buddhist standpoint, acknowledging and aligning the fantasy, illusion, reality, and core truths that make and/or break romantic love. There are numerous pages of fabulous quotes throughout the pages of text; they run the gamut of profundity, humor, and so much more and they’ve come from a wide variety of sources. It’s hard to choose a favorite of these quotes and I thought I would pick one to include here, but found, instead, I need to include three of them. The first is "People change and then forget to tell each other" – Lillian Hellman; the second is "Love one another; but make not a bond of love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls"– Kahlil Gibran; the third is "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"– Oscar Wilde.

This is a beautiful and wondrous little book and I heartily recommend it to anyone who loves, ever has loved, or would like to!