Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving ... A Beautiful Holiday –

In and of itself, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It’s always beneficial to us, as individuals and as a species, to take the time and set the occasion for meditating on those things for which we are grateful, those things with which we are blessed. Regrettably, this holiday is used, for the most part, as the book-end on the left side of the shelf -- with Christmas considered to be the prize being shopped for, showcased, supported (by the book-ends) and New Year’s Day is used as the right-side book-end. To me, that left-side book-end deserves center stage. In addition to everything else for which my spirit gives thanks ... to all that is good, thanks be for the breath, the very essence, of life!

Blue Sweater & The Surprise Box --

Recent cool weather brought out the smoky blue heavy-knit cardigan sweater that I’ve had and loved for many years. Its long sleeves have ample material that can be rolled up at the cuffs; its overall length is long enough to skim over and cover the hips and its waist is sort of fitted and nipped in. I don’t think a sweater like this could be found in stores today. Whenever I wear it or even look at it, I remember the "surprise boxes" my mother used to have shipped to me when I lived in Connecticut and she lived in southern California. A box would arrive periodically ... maybe averaging six or seven boxes per year, over a span of about four or five years. In each of these boxes would be an assortment of items, some new, many used ... from clothing and handbags to home decor items and novelties. Opening the box would feel like beginning a treasure hunt.

My mother was a generous soul and she was well-liked by everyone who knew her. She lived in humble fashion and that is probably why people tended to give her things, thinking she could use them. And she did. But more often, she shared them and gave them away. This sweater brings back all of those memories, so it feels warm and friendly and is a favorite piece of clothing.