Thursday, October 14, 2010

Websites To Click On To Help Animals --

I've discovered an additional and important one. It is at Go there and click (it's free) to help save the rainforest and its animals.

The others are: (to help shelter animals) and (which donates pet food to shelter dogs and cats).

I've added these three websites to my "favorites" and click on them every day. Free Kibble has interesting little animal quiz questions that are fun.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shame, Disgrace & Favoritism ...

The latest news about Social Security is that recipients will, for the second consecutive year, not receive a COLA (cost of living adjustment) in their checks. This is a disgrace. I would like to see the pensions and perks removed from every member of Congress and every past U.S. president. This would knock these demi-gods off their thrones and provide a windfall for the Treasury Department to distribute to our nation’s elderly, many of whom are poverty-stricken and struggling. I, personally, am acquainted with an educated, intelligent, responsible person who has worked all her life and paid into the system, only to receive a paltry $729 monthly check to live on (she worked during all those years when women’s earnings were disproportionately lower than men’s). When is something radical going to be done about the lopsided favoritism fostered by our government and its insidious way of relating with lobbyists and corporations, to manipulate "the system". Will it ever be about "we, the people", the citizens, and saving the inherent and natural goodness of our country, rather than making the rich richer?