Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beauty -- a sad, desperate, sweet little girl ...

Dear Readers,
I know that at this time of year, we try to wrap our minds and hearts around joy, celebration, and loved ones.  Especially this year, with all the scary things that are going on in our country and throughout the world, it is important to focus on good things.  And sometimes it is necessary to look squarely at something bad in order to help make some good and right come of it.

In the news today there is an extensive article (and I did some follow-up on it) about a Nashville woman who was arrested after animal control investigators said she  had taken a severely malnourished and neglected dog (neglected is not a strong enough word) to a veterinarian to be euthanized.  She had put this sweet dog out in the yard in the elements (apparently there was no escape route) without food or water, for an extended amount of time. The pictures of the dog indicated to me that the time involved weeks or probably months and had reached the point where the woman could see that the dog was near death; the investigation revealed that she had done this before with another dog -- intentionally starved it to death.  Meanwhile, inside her house, there is another dog who is apparently well-fed and healthy. Economics are not an issue.  To me, this is a case of intentional (sick and demented) cruelty. The vet's office was horrified and upset at the sight and condition of the dog and the vet and staff determined that the poor dog was too far gone (her systems were shut down) to save ... so she was humanely euthanized. The vet's hands on this innocent helpless living being during the exam and euthanasia process may well have been the only tenderness she had ever been shown.  A name for the dog is not mentioned anywhere that I could find, so I am naming her Beauty.  

Please, if you care that this happened to Beauty, whisper her name in your prayers and make a memorial donation in her name to the animal rescue group of your choice.  If you don't have a favorite, there are many listed on my animal ministry blog at

The dog's owner has been  charged with animal cruelty. Her bond was set at a mere $2,500. I think she definitely should do jail time and should not be allowed to own any other animals.

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