Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy Birthday To Me a.k.a. cloaks and drama

I didn't plan to post anything about it, but then this playfully disastrous part of my personality started knocking at my mind's door. At first it did a gentle tap-tapping and within minutes it was almost like the pounding noise of a fist against a locked door!  

Yes, in less than an hour and a half, I will cross the finish line of a significant birthday milestone :) It's scary stuff, folks :)

But I've noticed that in the weeks leading up to tomorrow and soon-to-be midnight, I've kind of stoked myself with a few things I hope to accomplish in the coming months. I want to visit wolves.  As everyone who knows me knows, I love these majestic and vilified beautiful animals. If I could, I'd travel to Minnesota where I'd have the best chance to see and hear them. And the mentioning of that state gives me a great opportunity to tell you there is a wonderful, hard-working organization there called "Howling For Wolves" (please look up their address and website on my animal ministry blog  at 

I'd also like to make one more trek to the beach and take in the energy and power of the ocean ... I prefer lovely Folly Beach and its wonderful beachfront hotel, where I visited a few years ago with my best friend with whom I hope to have more adventures and special memories. Also, I want to get a band jam together soon and enjoy the camaraderie that a group of musicians has when playing together.  We are needing a drummer; a small kit should be fine!

In other realms, I will continue to admire Willow, my beautiful tree and her little offspring and my indoor rubber tree, Rub-A-Dub. Ruby, my dog who happily responds when I call her "Ruby", "Ruby Dog", and "Rubinski" will soon be eleven years old and is so smart she can even tell what I'm saying when I spell words backward ... she is a joy and leaps with excitement when I say the letters R - A - C, as she loves to ride.

This post may, on the surface, sound a little silly, but it is merely wearing a cloak of silly disguise; remove the cloak and you'll see a woman of renewed spirit and dedication to what she deems important, needed, wanted. Yes, you'll also see a woman whose cloak has dropped to the floor, leaving her quite ... well ... visible :)

It's 11:11, an auspicious number, and I want to post this before the calendar changes to September 1, so I'd better do that now :)

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Aretha Franklin ...

Here is my favorite quote by this great lady:

"Soul is something creative, something active.  Soul is honesty.  I sing to people about what matters.  I sing to people who accept it like it is.  There are tears when it's sad and smiles when it's happy.  It seems simple to me, but to some, feelings take courage".