Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Or Out Of Character –

Lady Wolf’s Notes blog is finding my recent animal and environmental advocacy mini-series to be a hard act to follow. If you haven’t read the series posts, I hope you will. I know they temporarily changed the character of the blog somewhat, but for a good and needed cause. For those of you interested, I have scripted a church sermon (yep, I knew that day would come) and hope to have the opportunity to present it before the end of this year. Without giving away the title or key information about it prematurely, I can tell you that it is cleverly crafted around one of the principles of the UU church (and I hope of many other churches, as well) and speaks to the need of real-life advocacy for our environment – and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Vagabond Shoes –

That is the name of a song sung/recorded by a man named Vic Damone back somewhere in the 50s or around there; his many other hit recordings were love ballads. When I first heard Vagabond Shoes, I found it to be sort of infectious, in a good way. The song had a different kind of beat (pre rock & roll) for its day and its lyrics spoke to a pair of shoes, vagabond shoes to be exact. I’d love to get my hands on that recording. Anyway, I’m going to see if I can remember/find the the complete lyric (I remember the melody) and, if so, revive the song in my own way. What started me on this trend of thought is the new pair of shoes I got at New Balance here in Knoxville. These shoes are made in the USA, folks. These are wonderful shoes and feel soooooo good! It’s fun to walk when your feet don’t burn and ache. So they are my official vagabond shoes. On Classic Clara, my other blog, I’ve put up a post about walking. So, "vagabond shoes, why did you roam? Why did you take me far home?", etc. Sing it, Vic.