Monday, June 22, 2009

End-Of-Month Round-Up Of Thoughts & Happenings ...

Nature is, at once, beautifully delicate and very ruggedly designed. Nature tells me secrets and I try to listen; there is so much to learn. Recent violent storms tearing through the area brought flooding, toppled trees, and some scary moments. And there is the excitement, the drama!

I finally did manage to get the Myspace page closed. My house projects are completed except for the carport which is to be installed in a week or two. The front circular driveway came out great, thanks to the expertise of the Daco Company crew.

I was very saddened when my little foster-care birdlets deceased, during their third day in my care. They had been eating and seemingly making progress; then, sometime during the night, the friskier one went; around noon the next day, the quiet one followed. Maybe when I changed out their soiled nesting material, it was a mistake to do so. Maybe it was because they matured enough to realize I wasn’t one of their kind. Whatever the reason for their demise, I miss them and wish that they had survived.

Dennis, my prison pen-pal, has done marvelously on his academic studies, even got a score of 100 on his math final; he will be graduating soon and I’m very proud of him.

Summer is here, there is no doubt. Happy Summer Solstice to one and all!

Angels, Heroes, & Upcoming Anniversary of July 27th...

Somehow the upcoming first anniversary of the shootings at my church suggests to me that this would be a good time for me to acknowledge and honor my life's heroes ...

My mother, who had an amazingly giving and generous spirit and who was my cheerleader and promoter.

My paternal grandmother, who was my childhood playmate and talented mentor.

The men at TVUUC who saved my life on July 27, 2008.

The people who work as advocates for and rescuers of animals and our earth.

The musicial artists who write, sing, and play about truth in their music; the visual artists who state truth in their drawings and paintings.

Philip, my multi-talented friend who was also my ardent and steadfast fan.

Gerald, who has humor and a generous heart.

Harry, who I'll always remember for his vision, sensitivity, and honesty.

Dr. Griffith and Dr. Stewart, who are very kind and very wise.

Diana, who has integrity, courage, and strength.

My guardian angel(s) who come to my rescue every time I call.

My beautiful Dixie Lee.

Myself, for my fortitude and (what I believe is) a gentle heart.

~To all that is good, thanks be for the breath of life~

And my heartfelt thanks to my circle of friends for their love, loyalty, and encouragement.

Comfort Zone –

Lately I’ve found myself occasionally visiting the nearby Shoney’s. In years past, the Shoney Restaurant on the other side of town was where my mother liked to go for our weekly dinner date. She had a favorite server and thoroughly enjoyed dining there. Daughter Shara and I often went there for breakfast, even during her rebellious teen years; having breakfast there was a shared experience we both enjoyed. Maybe those memories now send me to the nearby Shoney’s, in order to reminisce. I don’t mean for this to sound like a Shoney’s commercial. Actually, the veggie bar isn’t as good as it used to be (when it was strictly a veggie bar); also, the number of meal choices has diminished.

But, it is still "homey". Last week I went in and sat down and a woman across the aisle looked at me and exclaimed "Great tat!", referring to the wolf tattoo I have on my left arm. She then proudly revealed her own tattoo (of a unicorn) just above her chest cleavage. The parade of people is varied and fun to observe!

Magic, Blessed Little Creatures –

Lightning Bugs! Where I grew up, that’s what they are called. I’ve heard them called "Fireflies" in other locales. They can be seen now, gracing the night with their magic. I love them! It’s impossible to not have one’s spirit enriched while gazing at lightning bugs. I’ll copy and paste a segment of an item I wrote about them back in 1998 in my newsletter, Janna Publications (named for a sweet, smart little dog who sat in the executive director’s chair!). At the time, there was an industry campaign to collect and harm the little insects. Here is what I wrote:

"How They Light Up The Night! ... During the month of June, the annual ritual is begun by those innocuous little creatures–the lightning bugs, or fireflies as they are called in some parts of the country. At dusk, their blinking lights emerge from grass and garden. As the evening wears on, they rise in a great twinkling wave, higher and higher from the ground. Then, just before midnight, they are among the treetops, where they signal to each other in a spectacular, quietly-frenzied display!

Would you want them to disappear? Would you wish them harmed? No, neither would we. Nor do we want to know the mechanical intricacies of their lighting apparatus. But, this summer, a more elaborate version of last year’s newspaper ad appeared in print, urging people to catch these insects, freeze them, and cash them in for payment by the ounce; the ad also said to "avoid thawing or they will become worthless". Worthless? This strikes us as crass, crude, cruel, and ridiculous. We think that their aesthetic worth is singularly phenomenal."

Yes, phenomenal ... and magic!

Lance, Moby, and Noah –

My beloved truck, Lance, and Jerry’s ‘85 Buick, Moby, have been joined by a 2005 Avalanche whose name is Noah. When I can find a place to park them in a row, facing forward, I’ll take their picture and call it "The Fleet"!

It turns out that Chevy’s Avalanche is a very hot (I don't mean "stolen") vehicle – so much in demand that car salesmen have a list for waiting customers who are trying to locate an available Avalanche vehicle. I think the 2005 - 2007 models may have some advantage over the current year’s model, in terms of quality. I’m delighted with the acquisition!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Circus Is In Town –

What a week last week was...and its events aren’t over! All at the same time, a fence company came and moved my dog’s chain link fence and posts; the carport salesman came to take measurements, etc. in preparation of installing a second carport; the Avalanche came home from the dealership; the paving company came and dug out, graveled, and rolled the front parking spot which has now been extended into a semi-circle. And today a tree company came and did some major pruning on a tree that had limbs lying on my house’s service wires. The paving crew and the fence-moving crew were, literally, here at the same time, vying for the limited parking space and jockeying their vehicles and equipment around to accommodate each other, me, Jerry, and our neighbors who share the main driveway. It was a circus. Then, just as the paving guys were about to call for the tar truck to come, the sky turned black and the wind came up. Yep ... a big storm was blowing in, with lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. So they couldn’t complete the job. That night we had some more soaking rains, so the following day the situation had to dry out. That day, being Friday, means that my next shot at getting the parking area asphalted will be tomorrow (Monday). I’m hoping, hoping, hoping!

“You’re Being Chirped!”

And ... on Saturday, I noticed that for the second day in a row, there was evidence of birds having perched on one of the center beams of the existing carport. The evidence was also on the new vehicle. I washed off the truck and backed it out from under the carport so I could also rinse the beam with the garden hose. Having done that, I realized I had to stuff some soft, pliable material into the narrow space above the beam so that the birds wouldn’t hang out there again. Climbing on my little ladder, I could almost reach high enough to place a piece of bubble wrap in the opening. But I found that I am not tall enough, plus I thought I might fall off the little ladder. I heard sounds coming from my neighbor’s back yard, though I couldn’t see through the hedges. Venturing a plaintive call, I said "Chris, are you over there?" "Yeah"... the welcomed response. I briefly told him what I was trying to do and he came right over to help. He easily was tall enough to reach the beam and insert the bubble wrap. But – whoa – "there are birds in there", he called out to me. They hadn't been fazed by the garden hose spray. What a place to locate baby birds...above vehicles and a hard gravel surface below. One by one, he removed the two babies (needing to temporarily unscrew one side of the beam to get the bird who was stuck in the crevice), whose nest was minimal and flimsy, and placed them in my hands.

Yes, I am hand-feeding two baby birds in my kitchen. That first night I almost didn’t expect them to be OK. As of today, though, they seem to be thriving. And very vocal! I think they are about 7 days old, one being a bit smaller and less developed than the other ... maybe a late-blooming egg. The smaller bird seems to be more "mindful" and was more eager to eat from moment one. The other one is feistier and more active.

Anyway, Chris installed bubble wrap in all the carport center beam openings, to avoid further problems. I’m hoping these two little birdies will make it. They and I are trying our best. And so, Jerry periodically calls out to me "you’re being chirped", when the birdettes signal for food.

Dixie Lee On WVLT’s “Volzeye” –

I submitted two of her photos and they are both up there on the site. The picture of her wearing her hat (it’s also on this blog) pulled in at least one vote (I didn’t know there was voting for this event, entitled "Dog Days Of Summer"). Lots of people sent in pictures of their dogs.

Words —

I’d like to publish here a little poem (I’ve written many ... some serious, some comical) entitled "Words". Sometimes I’m even more aware than usual of the power of words. Words create and project energies. When we string words into a sentence, we create something that has power, sometimes enough power to take on a life of its own. What we say can be for the good or can be destructive. Truly, words can be weapons, words can be tools, words can be caresses. How wonderful to caress someone with words, and to be so caressed, so positively stroked!

Here is the funny little poem written a number of years ago (it almost qualifies as a limerick except for its rhythm):

Light on their feet,
Or as heavy as they can be,
Lofty and good, Base and bad,
Bold, playful, somber, sad...
Not bland or namby-pamby.


Month Modes –

No one commented on my end-of-May’s post about how each of the months on the calendar brings with it a mood, mode, feeling, theme of its own. I mentioned May being merry and June being sultry. I’d really like to know if other people ascribe moods to specific months. Here’s another one of mine: September – blissful. And another: March – energized. And another: April – tricky. Just think of the descriptive word that immediately comes to mind about a particular month!