Saturday, January 23, 2010

B. B. King Concert --

On the evening of January 8th (the night that Knoxville was hit hard with frigid temperatures, ice, and snow), B. B. King and his phenomenal band came to the Tennessee Theatre and did an awesome show! I attended, courtesy of one of my students, who not only provided my ticket but also drove to my home and picked me up at the curb (my driveway was not accessible due to icy conditions), and brought me to the concert. When I first met this lady, almost five years ago, she was pretty sure she wouldn't like blues music. Of course, since blues is very close to my heart, I occasionally included some blues in her lesson material. Since that time, she has discovered that blues music resonates with her and she loves it! She's doing a great job playing it, too. My sincere thanks to you, Sylvia, for giving me my ticket and taking me to B. B.'s concert. What a wonderful gift!