Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth & Her Day --

Frequently, the link between nature and many of my song lyrics reminds me how intricately the process of creativity is wired into me and rooted in natural things. I'm glad that we honor our Earth on Earth Day. More and more people are beginning to care about our planet ... our home, during the other days of the year, too.

Yes, I know that there still are blockheads who drive by and throw their fast-food wrappers, trays, drink cups, and other trash along the roadway and in people's yards. When picking up neighborhood litter, I also find discarded un-winning lottery tickets and scratch-off sheets, probably tossed angrily from a car window (now we know that people are probably scratching off their lottery tickets while driving their vehicles!) Or, maybe it seems expedient to get rid of gambling evidence on the way home, in an effort to hide the ticket purchases from a spouse who might not approve? How devious of me to think of that! :)

While on the topic of litter, I remember the time I first drove across the state line from Virginia into Tennessee (back in 1986 when I was moving here from Connecticut). I was immediately startled by two things (almost simultaneously): the litter and the aggressive, very fast drivers.

Anyway -- if you, dear reader, are among those who do your part to preserve our planet by lessening your footprint (and by cleaning up others' footprints), I sincerely admire, appreciate, and thank you.

The 21 Polo Ponies --

Bless those dear, innocent animals. I've looked in the mainstream news for updates; the absence is very noticeable. Media sources, last Sunday, promised that conclusive test results would be available by week's end. Well, I guess that's tomorrow. I remember thinking, at the time, that a week gives a time and strategy buffer to whoever is responsible for poisoning the horses. A web search today found a report that says no cause of death has been determined, although blood was in the horses' lungs. Further, the report said that a Florida pharmacy made a mistake in the horses' medication. It also said that no ingredients were made public. My first question is: Was this really medication (if so, for what?) or was it a steroid or pain-numbing drug? My second question is: Why isn't this story still "news"? I hope the outcome will not be squelched or convoluted in a cover-up. Accountability is needed. Truth is needed.

These Days A-Rushing --

I recently entered a deposit twice in my check book. Thankfully, I discovered the error before it created problems -- the discovery was made on a weekend when I couldn't do anything about it, which was nerve-rattling to someone like me who accounts for every penny when I reconcile my accounts. Hurrying from one task, one errand ... to another, like a tape on fast-forward. Rushing, rushing, rushing! I want to stop rushing. Breathe in -- "peace", breathe out -- "peace". Peace ... that one word, said mentally, helps me so much. Time to put on the brakes and breathe peace.

Yowie-Zowie --

Spring is here! Or maybe it's Sprummer -- because it is hot. The weather here in east Tennessee is erratic and interesting. You just never know what it really will be, until it arrives :)

Blissful Heart --

Last week in church, the choir sang a D. Brunner song called "In Safety and Bliss". The simple, yet profound line of lyric that brought tears of appreciation to my eyes, was "May all creatures be of blissful heart". It's a beautiful wish.

Opulent Pink --

Every so often, I post about a frivolity. It seems to serve a purpose similar to that of "comic relief". Something to giggle, twitter, smirk, or smile about -- to "gentle-ize my personal world (I'm inventing words again). The color pink is known to psychologically soften and gentle-ize people's emotions and moods -- well, I'm in favor of that. Recently, I bought a beautiful pink-peach-yellow blend rose bush, which is now planted in my front garden. A few days later found me in Walgreen's, selecting a "new shade" of Revlon polish for my toenails. Who knows why painted toenails can do so much to delight a woman?! The shade is called Opulent Pink! Not long ago, I painted the long wall of my bedroom in a light pink shade that I got at Home Depot. Soon, I'm going to move my computer stuff out of my bedroom and into my loft office, so I then can enjoy my "girly" bedroom.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mad Moments –

While basking yesterday in the warmth and comfort of the sun, my memory of the weather we'd had a couple of days earlier seemed almost surreal. It had been pretty weird; my lilac bush was wrapped up in a bedsheet like a mummy to protect its flowers from freezing and I’d covered a bunch of other plants. Tuesday was the epitome of weather weirdness. It was like a maniacal strobe and effects machine gone awry – with rotating bouts of sunshine, hail, darkened skies, and snowfall. This afternoon, we are watching the advance of severe thunder storms and tornadoes, as they make their way across Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

Maybe Nature needs to play sometimes – to have her mad moments, just like the rest of us. It's as good an explanation as any.

Jamming –

It felt good to jam with a band-in-the-making last Saturday. Although they don’t do my musical genre-of-choice, (they do southern rock), it was a fun day and their wives served up some great food. The music had a lot of repeat patterns and became almost like a meditation. Yamaha (my keyboard) said to me, "What have you got me doing now?" I replied, "Just do it, you'll never have it this easy again".

Knox area musicians – I’d love to get together with a local or regional blues and/or jazz band or with musical individuals. If this describes you, please contact me. There’s something magical about the energy that flows among musicians when they play together.

Please check out my website at

Bless The Lawnmowers –

I refer to the squad of commercial cutting, mowing, whacking, blowing machines that I damn, as they shriek, roar, and whine over the grass in the adjoining yards. These are city lots, so how big do you think they are? There are five men commanding the machines! The deafening noise is punctuated by the occasional shrill tweet of whistles the men use to signal to each other. How ludicrous it seems. Anyway, they seem determined and I'm sure they will beat that lawn into submission. When they are done, they will go away and once again we'll be able to hear the birds chirping and our own thoughts taking shape in our minds.