Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth & Her Day --

Frequently, the link between nature and many of my song lyrics reminds me how intricately the process of creativity is wired into me and rooted in natural things. I'm glad that we honor our Earth on Earth Day. More and more people are beginning to care about our planet ... our home, during the other days of the year, too.

Yes, I know that there still are blockheads who drive by and throw their fast-food wrappers, trays, drink cups, and other trash along the roadway and in people's yards. When picking up neighborhood litter, I also find discarded un-winning lottery tickets and scratch-off sheets, probably tossed angrily from a car window (now we know that people are probably scratching off their lottery tickets while driving their vehicles!) Or, maybe it seems expedient to get rid of gambling evidence on the way home, in an effort to hide the ticket purchases from a spouse who might not approve? How devious of me to think of that! :)

While on the topic of litter, I remember the time I first drove across the state line from Virginia into Tennessee (back in 1986 when I was moving here from Connecticut). I was immediately startled by two things (almost simultaneously): the litter and the aggressive, very fast drivers.

Anyway -- if you, dear reader, are among those who do your part to preserve our planet by lessening your footprint (and by cleaning up others' footprints), I sincerely admire, appreciate, and thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Well yes - the first thing I noticed on the roads here (the 2-way windy narrow ones that do not have stopping ares for a long time) was that unfailingly a humungous 4-wheel big-tire type truck would get right on my tail and scare the creepers out of me - and that's pretty bad as I had come from New Orleans where derelict drivers abound!!! I think I've gotten used to it - don't get so nervous anymore.