Sunday, May 14, 2017

Delightfully eclectic!

Tonight I am in "picture mode" and so have posted a few new, exciting pictures.  I just thought of one additional one I should put up there ... it isn't exactly a picture, but is actually a promo for me and my music.  It will probably not be easy to take your eyes off the gorgeous wolf that meets your gaze as soon as you log onto the site :)  He/she is amazing!

Also tonight I'm focusing my thoughts, hopes, and dreams on wondrous things ... such as the pictures, and the theme of today which is "Mothers".  I said a meditation this morning in honor of those of us whose moms are deceased, focusing on my own mom and the mom of my best friend.  Both were amazing women who dealt with hardship, yet remained faithful and kind to all. 

Tomorrow we will again, undoubtedly, find ourselves shocked by the latest crazy antics in Washington DC, but I'm ever hopeful something and/or somebody will pull us up and out of that mire and into the Light of Peace.  Two things that best promote the possibility of peace (besides prayer and meditation) are Nature and Music.  So I will put up my little jpeg music promo (that is very newsy and sort of cute) and also a picture that may be surprising though pleasant to see ... it's a current and very classy photo of Mr. Putin playing some of his favorite music on his grand piano.  

One more bit of news !  Currently (here in Knoxville) work is being done on a video that will feature five of my recorded songs, with a myriad of exciting visual offerings, and awesome production.  The songs were recorded at Songwriters Recording Studio here in Knoxville,  with multi-talented Sandy Garrett at the helm.  The video production is being handled by HPVideo in Knoxville, where Ben and Tom's expert talents will put together "Fantastik Five" (that's the working title) by Clara ... the Lady Wolf.  It will go up on YouTube and on this blog and perhaps elsewhere.

Now I need to get those remaining two pictures up!