Friday, June 23, 2017

Fantastik Five ... Clara the Lady Wolf (new video)

Please view my new video.  Check on "like" if you like it !


Unknown said...

The video and song placement and also song selection works really well. Love the opening. It really grabs your attention!

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

I'm glad you like the sequencing ... as you know, it's hard to select which songs to do, how to place them (and to leave all the other songs out). I felt like a parent playing "favorites" :)

Well, the opening came about when the group of pictures I gave to Ben included one dog/wolf paw print that I had over-enlarged which made it blurred. Rather than discard it, I asked Ben if he could make it small again, duplicate it, and make it walk. To my delight, he said "Sure"! And there it is :) He did a great job with everything visual on the video. And the songs were recorded and mastered at your studio, so it's no wonder that they sound so good : )

For anyone who likes this video, here is some general info: My songs were recorded and mastered at Songwriters Recording Studio in Knoxville, TN, with William at the helm. The video was created and put together by Ben Maddux at HP Video, also in Knoxville.

Unknown said...

It really grabs your attention!

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