Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get A Very Nice CD -- Help A Great Charity!

My legacy CD "Lifescape -- Dreams, Innovation, Feelings" is now available! Proceeds from CD sales will be donated to Sweet Relief, the wonderful charity that helps aging and ailing musicians in need.  Along with the CD (which has seventeen songs) I will also provide a copy of my very newest song "Dance With Me", while supplies last.  DWM flew into my head sort of as a caboose to "Lifescape"; I love the song and I think you will too.  Please contact me at claralandau@yahoo.com for ordering info and remittance address.  $12 cash, check, or paypal.  

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Anonymous said...

I truly hope this brings in some donations for this very worthy cause. If you still sell on CD Baby, upload it by all means.