Saturday, February 7, 2015

C'mon Spring !

Spring is on the way ... the daylight hours are getting longer :)  Trees are going through their annual state of confusion which they show by alternating the swelling of their buds with their holding-back syndrome.  Melodies float through my mind more copiously than in winter.  A huge flock of robins landed in my yard day before yesterday (I think they fled New England's recent weather) and they were visibly and audibly happy that there is no snow on the ground here in Knoxville!  My daffodils are up about three inches.  The sun is at that cusp-of-spring angle :)  The moon was beautifully full recently in Leo (it's always full in the sign directly across from where the sun is located ... and the sun has been in Aquarius).   

Life blossoms and renews in Spring and, perhaps on that note, I've created a blog entitled Clara's Animal Ministry Resource; it is at  Hope my readers will visit CAMR; it has nice animal pictures, some lovely profound quotes, and information about stellar animal advocacy people.

Happy Pre-Spring !



Anonymous said...

Guess you should have knocked on wood about spring being so close :) Certainly doesn't feel or look so close today. Here's hoping that this is the last winter event we have until spring truly arrives.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Oh but Spring is close :) I definitely share your wish for no more wintry stuff (I can't even walk my dog tonight), but honestly Spring will be here soon. The day I wrote that post it was everything I described. But I always like the way you think, Baby :)