Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Whenever" and "Fantastik" ...

I've just put my two newest songs (one is two months old and the other is one month old) up on Reverbnation and they are also on the home page of my website at

I'm so enthused about these songs.  "Whenever" is a love song and it practically wrote itself one morning while I was sitting at the piano and hadn't started playing anything.  Line by line and chord by chord, the song and lyrics took form.  It is an inspired song and one I'm very proud to be the conduit for.  I'll look up my Reverbnation link and type it below.

The other song (which is the "elder" of the two) is called Fantastik.  It came into being via the medium-sized fan I run at night in my bedroom ... to keep the air moving and also to add some nice white noise.  (I also have a bedside machine that plays ocean waves and sea gulls).  Anyway, the whirring blades of the fan were, for almost two weeks, playing a three-note chord and various combinations of it, complete with a sometimes very noticeable tempo. I would drift off to sleep hearing it.  Soon, I was humming the tune. As the song took form, the lyrics ... if read out loud without music ... almost sounded like rap. But add the music and then the tempo, and it is a conversation between me and the fan, with the fan speaking the first block of lyric.  And so, I took a picture of the fan and want him to take a bow. This is a talented, reliable old fan, made of steel,  that came from Goodwill years ago.

This evening I made about a dozen copies of the the CD containing the two songs and designed a label for them.  Either of the links below should take you to the page.


Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly think a great deal of these two songs. They have a lot of appeal and are both intense in their own way. Good music, Clara :)

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Thank you :)