Sampson napping on his favorite rug

Sampson napping on  his favorite rug
happy, happy, happy

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Beautiful Influx Of Robins ...

This morning hundreds of robins flew into my yard and all around and over my house -- just arriving from somewhere.  They were chirping, swirling, landing, and touching terra-firma probably after many hours of flying.  My guess is that they were forced by the storm in the northeast to fly south for food.  They are beautiful birds.  One landed in a shrub right outside the window where I am sitting at my computer -- and we had eye contact.  Welcome ... even though a bit early ... to these harbingers of Spring!


Anonymous said...

I have a small group that come to visit daily. A Cardnial, a Bluejay some sparrows, etc. The local squirrel comes by to feed also, and he always leaves plenty for the birds.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Yes, the birds and the squirrels are wonderful to watch. Glad you've got your little group :) Here I've got a cardinal, some mockingbirds, some little wrens and sparrows, and a bunch of crows. The crows sit on the fence and call me every morning around 9:30! And now there are robins too :)