Sunday, December 11, 2016

A thought, a wish, a prayer ...

May we extend well-wishes of unbounded friendliness to all beings;
May all beings be free of danger and harm;
May all beings be happy and peaceful in heart and mind;
May all beings be strong in body and spirit;
And may all beings live with ease.
And as we wish these things for ourselves and others, so too do we wish them especially for those who are in need.

Thank you, Ike, for sending out this quote. Yes, may all beings be at peace. This is a wonderful wish at any time and perhaps especially now amidst all the turbulence juxtaposed to our hoped-for holiday cheer. The very thought, the very wish, the very prayer for all beings ... the people, the animals, the trees, all the living elements of Nature safely clothed in wondrous peace! Amen.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ike has posted some very good quotes, many of which I have put on my social media sight. I like not only to be moved by these but like the fact that others can be touched as well. It's a nice reverberation.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Yes, I also enjoy being moved by inspiring messages ... and I like the potential that is there to help others too.

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