Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hi Everybody, Yes, it's been a while (six months) since I've communicated ... due to Ruby's passing and many of life's challenges.  

But here's news and it's all good :)  I'll soon have ready my new music CD "Here In The Moment", the title of which sounds quite Zen. The genres are a heady mix, spotlighting of course, blues and ballads and jazz that feature my vocals, keys and bass and the ingenious talents and engineering skills of William (Sandy) Garrett of Songwriters Studio (who also created the cover design).  Several other talented musicians also enhanced the musical offerings. The title song was written in 2008 (the year of my church shooting injury) so its recording has been in "mothballs" until recently, when I brought it out and fell in love with it. The CD also has other treats and surprises too! And you'll notice that Clara the Lady Wolf has re-named her musical self and is now Clara M.L. Wolf (although I'm still a lady!) I'm hoping for a musical reappearance of sorts.  The new CDs (still in design completion and duplication process) can be ordered from me at (865) 659-5383 and I'll have a number of complementary discs.  

Are there any musicians who might like to jam and play music for fun?  Or maybe form a new band?  My home studio is available for us to use. Let me know at 865-659-5383.

And ... this is major news ... I have adopted a canine who is believed to have been found homeless in Memphis.  He was in rough shape when I got him, having been seriously attacked by the younger members of his pack at the rescue facility. He's got a lot of character, many vocal talents (he actually talks), and amazing intelligence. See his pictures on the right side of blog text. And ... we'd like to add that Sampson and I approve this message!   :)  :)  :)

Peace, love, and blessings ... Clara


Dennis said...

I wanna jam! Oh, wait, I'm 600 miles away. Some commute, eh? ;-)

songwrecrd said...

Great shot of Sampson lounging on the floor. You can really see his colors in this pic. Handsome fellow :)

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Sanman, yes Sampson is a handsome boy and a talented vocalist :)

Dennis, I like your enthusiasm, though 600 miles is sort of far :)

Diana said...

Sampson is gorgeous and I'm so happy you found each other. Clara M.L. Wolf is a thumbs up.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Thank you, Diana.
Sorry it took these many difficult months for me to see your comment.