Friday, November 28, 2008

No Justification For This Craziness –

The entire concept of stores promoting early morning opening "door-busters" to "shoppers" who wait for hours in parking lots and then stampede like a herd of panicked cattle on the day after Thanksgiving, has been repugnant to me for years. It points to the epitome of crassness that people can exhibit in the name of holiday shopping. That an innocent maintenance worker from a temporary agency could be trampled and killed by people smashing in the Wal-Mart door, is unconscionable and disgusting. Apparently, it will take far more than a failing economy to halt these crazed shoppers and the stores that feed their frenzy.


Anonymous said...

While you are right about the madness surrounding Black Friday, I must confess to making it a point to shop on Black Friday every year. I don't really buy much. This year it was a coffee. I venture out into the masses to be counted amongst them and spread a bit of peace and happiness with all I meet. I generally don't encounter too much negative energy while out there...I wonder, am I not visiting the right places or is my positive energy having an affect? Naturally, I like to think it's the latter. Either way, keep on smiling!

Anonymous said...

I have never, ever gone shopping on Black Friday--I don't see the sense of it. If I haven't been able to purchase that special gift, well, that's life. I'd rather get a few more hours of sleep!