Thursday, April 23, 2009

Opulent Pink --

Every so often, I post about a frivolity. It seems to serve a purpose similar to that of "comic relief". Something to giggle, twitter, smirk, or smile about -- to "gentle-ize my personal world (I'm inventing words again). The color pink is known to psychologically soften and gentle-ize people's emotions and moods -- well, I'm in favor of that. Recently, I bought a beautiful pink-peach-yellow blend rose bush, which is now planted in my front garden. A few days later found me in Walgreen's, selecting a "new shade" of Revlon polish for my toenails. Who knows why painted toenails can do so much to delight a woman?! The shade is called Opulent Pink! Not long ago, I painted the long wall of my bedroom in a light pink shade that I got at Home Depot. Soon, I'm going to move my computer stuff out of my bedroom and into my loft office, so I then can enjoy my "girly" bedroom.