Sampson napping on his favorite rug

Sampson napping on  his favorite rug
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Guest Post

by Ruby Dog

My person (Clara), asked me to post a few words about a misadventure she had recently, in the hopes that others may be alerted and avoid injury.  Did you ever notice the mini curbs that are overly plentiful in many parking lots? Some of them are even placed where it's necessary to straddle them in order to get to your destination. Well, about a month ago, my person was carrying a bag of dog food back to the large pet supply store where she had bought it. She parked up next to the store's entrance and put the bag up against her left shoulder. When she had taken two or three steps toward the door, she went flying through the air (having tripped on one of those tricky mini curbs) and landed hard on the cement sidewalk.  Her right side sustained significant injury...especially her knee which now looks very weird in its effort to heal.  I asked her to post a picture of it, but she said that would not be a nice thing to do. I say exactly what is on my mind at all times, but she says that being tasteful is important. I'm trying to learn about "tasteful" and how different its meaning is from "tasty" (about which I'm knowledgeable). Anyway, humans, be careful of those pesky mini curbs or whatever the parking lot designers call them.

On the lighter side, I've had a nice summer -- played a lot of "fetch the stick" and barked at a lot of noisy vehicles that went past the yard. Also I went for numerous rides in the car; I get very excited when I sense that we're going out in the car. I'm so glad that Clara adopted me :)

And I'd like to remind everyone to please care about dogs ... and all the other animals who are your fellow beings. Clara's Animal Ministry blog is at  and her Healing The Earth Family blog is at  She has a nice music video called "Fantastic Five"on You Tube at .

I've enjoyed speaking here (ruf)!
Love, Ruby


William Garrett said...

Clever post, translating Ruby's barks into english :) I know she would say those exact words if she could. Thoughtful insert to add the adoption part too.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

She insisted that she should speak up since her dog food was involved :)
Seriously, thanks for your comment, very appreciated.

Dennis Fariello said...

Ruby types so well! Does she touch paw type or use hunt and nail?

For Clara: OW. Speedy healing!

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Ruby appreciates your admiration of her typing skills. She uses a combination of the two systems you mentioned :)

Sincere thanks for sending me speedy healing wishes.

Jenny Arthur said...

Ruby, please tell Clara I'm glad she's ok!

Jenny Arthur said...

Ruby, please tell Clara I'm glad she's ok!

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Thank you Jenny. Ruby gave me your message :)