Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8th … My Mother’s Birthday

January 8th … My Mother’s Birthday! Her birthday is always two weeks to the day after Christmas Day and one week to the day after New Year’s Day. It’s a special day to me, as my mother was an extraordinary person and she was a loving mom.  Her “momness”  didn’t take the form of hugs and kisses. Rather it was a blend of her willingness to defend me against the bullies when I was a young child, her support of my academic activities and special projects (she would sit and physically help me to paste segments of my little elementary school booklets that I would prepare and turn in for extra credits), and perhaps most notable of all, she promoted me and my musical abilities unceasingly and enthusiastically; she believed in me.There could never be a cheerleader more devoted, consistent, and sacrificing as my mother!

Today I’m thinking of her birth in1913, into a large and poor family; both her parents were immigrants. She came into this world a helpless, innocent infant and it seems odd for me to try and picture her that way. 

Her life was made very difficult by my only sibling for whom she made egregious, tremendous personal sacrifices … and she suffered prolonged periods of painful heartache over him. As the Universe is always aware, and often providing solutions and outcomes, a young man who was considered a “transient” came to my sibling’s California apartment a few months before his 41st birthday and murdered him on New Year’s Eve. My mother mourned his violent death, though her life gradually became her own again and I felt greatly relieved for her sake. 

She was a very friendly and generous person and a strong, resourceful woman whom I will always admire. She would be 105 years old today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MA!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this personal history. Sounds like she was a very devoted mom in many ways. We both were very lucky in that regard.

Clara the Lady Wolf said...

Yes ... very lucky. Thanks for commenting.