Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Giving, Volunteering, Doing --

Yesterday I got a book which is authored by Bill Clinton and entitled "Giving (How Each Of Us Can Change The World)". I’m a couple of chapters into it. I agree with its philosophy. Doing things and giving things that help others -- especially when it’s to help others help themselves, improve their lives and have a higher sense of self-worth -- is at the top of my list of what could be called "angels’ work on earth". Remember my post about my prison concert and how good it made me feel, as well as the obvious benefit for the inmates? (scroll down into Older Posts). I’ll be going back to prison, hopefully, in a couple of months to do another concert. Volunteer work, whether local or large-scale is very satisfying and can make a major difference in the recipients’ lives, too. Some of my most glowing experiences are and have been my volunteer work with children, animals, and the elderly (and now prison inmates). Whether you’re wealthy, comfortable, (not-so-comfortable) middle-income, or on the struggling end of the economy ... if you’re looking for a new lease on life or a new experience or venture, I heartily recommend the "giving and doing" concept.

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Anonymous said...

When I see you next, I'd like to check the book out! :)