Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How About Something Frivolous (amid all this serious stuff)!

Where’s the showbiz glitz? Or the inspiring message about Spring’s arrival? Or an amusing anecdote about my dog ... or some music news? Okay, yes, nothing makes my typing and piano fingers sing (actually, I guess what they do is more like a dance) as do these, my favorite topics.

Right now, Spring is on my mind and in my heart; I feel more optimistic and energized at this time of year than any other. I rather like the early daylight savings time, too.

Musically speaking, I’m looking forward to doing the outdoor gigs and need to be making my calls this week. I spoke fondly of sequins and glitz in an earlier post; they are (a treasured) part of the past. In these contemporary times, gig-wear is geared for comfort. Well, it needs to be, as we pack, carry in and out, set up, and break down so much equipment. But it’s all worth it for the joy of playing music.

Dixie, my dog, loves the extra daylight we have now. During each November, she develops the same winter seasonal funk I get, so she and I are on the same wave-length and get revitalized in March! She’s playing with her toys again and fully enjoying our trips to the park. See pictures of Dixie and read about her on my personal website at, where you'll find three of my song clips and lots of pictures!

So, for a little while, shall we all take our minds off the candidates’ campaigning, tax time, the economy, the state of the world, the wars, the fears ... and pause to look out a window at the daffodils, blossoming saucer magnolias, forsythias, flowering crabapple and wild cherry trees; even better would be a walk along a greenway, country lane, or city street, just to enjoy and welcome Spring. I’m even glad to see the dandelions – when I was a child, dandelion greens were our "salad vegetable" all season long and it was my job to go out and pick them (they’re very nutritious, but I haven’t eaten them since those childhood years). How wonderful it is that the seasons faithfully turn and turn and the renewing spirit of Spring visits us each year!

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