Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Treasure Hunt --

Yesterday, I bought a drop-leaf dining table for $10 at Earl’s Used Furniture. It’s just the right size for my dining area. I love looking for items at Goodwill and second-hand stores ... it’s like a treasure hunt. I actually found a perfect-for-me, light-weight jacket/blazer (soft material, long length, vented sides) recently at GW. It’s brand label is "New York" and it is made in the USA. How about that? On the same trip, I bought a lovely teal color wine glass for 40 cents. Now I’m inspired to drink wine. Not to worry ... I won’t go overboard.


Anonymous said...

Hey, now. You should go overboard. J/K :) Aren't those kind of stores awesome? Makes me think about the history the items had. I bet they would have a great story to tell.:)

birdy said...

I absolutely ADORE the Salvation Army store, and patronize it often-I have found amazing items there! I search for vintage cow and chicken items, milk bottles and unique colored or shaped bottles for my bottle tree. The clothing items I have run across are name brand for a song.